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Farsi Praise Club is an Iranian Christian band started in 2002 by Siva, a musician/singer/song-writer based in Southern California.  Originally named Nejat in 2006, Siva through collaboration with other band members located in UK and USA, published their first album “Blessing of Love” in 2008. The band changed its name to Farsi Praise Club in 2012 and after going through many changes, they published their second album called “Toe Hasti” in 2020.

Most band members perform professionally in secular venues but come together often for worship and collaboration. The band often performs in private prayer sessions, Farsi Christian events/conferences, and occasionally at Sunday worship services in Southern California churches.

Farsi Praise Club’s 3rd Farsi worship album “Acoustic” is planned for 2024, including a single track called “Hallelujah” which was published in March 2022.

Farsi Praise Club
farsi praise club


Guitars/Vocals, Composer/Songwriter
Arash Moghadam


Farsi Praise Club


Drums, Percussion, Arrangements, Certified Audio Recording Engineer


Guitar, Bass and Keyboard

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